TextHighlighter allows you to highlight text on web pages. Just select it!

Getting started

Download TextHighlighter directly from GitHub or install with Bower:

$ bower install text-highlighter

Add script file to head section of your web page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="TextHighlighter.min.js"></script>

And use it!

var hltr = new TextHighlighter(document.body);

For more details see API reference or Wiki pages on GitHub.

Also check Demos section below for examples of usage.


  • Highlighting of selected text.
  • Highlighting all occurrences of given text (find & highlight).
  • Removing highlights.
  • Selecting highlight color.
  • Serialization & deserialization.
  • Works well in iframes.
  • Keeps DOM clean.
  • No dependencies. No jQuery or other libraries needed.


Should work in all decent browsers and IE >= 9.



You may check API reference or Wiki pages on GitHub.